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Sister Abish Curtis

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Kumusta ka?

I mentioned last week that I can email friends now, and not just family. I'm so grateful and excited!! I'm realizing that it is bigger than just my mission. I've heard it has effected a lot of other missions here in the Philippines. I wonder if it will be the new worldwide rule. That would be exciting. There are so many people that I have thought of this week that I want to email. Unfortunately I don't really have anyone's email, so please email me so I can write you back!!!! Everyone who reads this, please email me, even if its just a short little thing :)

 Well, you know being a missionary is never a normal thing. And being in the Philippines isn't really a normal thing. But when you put them together, it is especially not a normal thing. It's fun, but it's also hard work.
The investigator we were hoping would get baptized next week wasn't able to come to Church on Sunday. Nooo!! Since the rule here is they have to go to church 4 times in a row, it will be another month before he can be baptized. Sad day, but I actually think the extra time will do him good and make sure he is getting baptized for the right reasons. So many people here go less active after their baptism. I don't want that to happen to him.

 We had zone conference this last week, with our zone and two others. (There are 11 zones in my mission) It was fun to get together with so many other missionaries. We received training, and spiritual upliftment, and they fed us food. Pretty much the best day ever.

 Another thing: It rained on us pretty hard this week for the first time. So fun!!! Puddles everywhere. I'm realizing that I didn't really bring the right shoes for puddle jumping, but maybe by the time rainy season hits I'll have found some.

Here's a fun fact for you: Back home I was used to having a hot water tap and a cold water tap, and you can adjust it till you get the temperature you want. Well here in the Philippines I only have just two options: On. and Off. That means all my showers are cold. Not super cold, just cold like a swimming pool. Once you get the courage to jump in, you get used to it super quick and pretty soon it's a refreshing cool. At first it took me longer to step into the cold shower, but I've gotten pretty good at it.

 When I say I don't have hot or cold water, that doesn't mean it is the same for everyone in the Philippines. Maybe there are places where they have hot water. I haven't come across any, but I know in the nicer house/bigger cities they exist. A lot of the people we teach don't even have sinks though. They just use a water pump (usually just outside their house). Fun stuff.

 Love you all!!

Sister Abish "Email-Me-Please" Curtis


1. Some recent converts that we teach. Love them!


2. Me and my companion on a hammock :)


3. Family Home Evening at a member's house


4. Me and my companion again


5. This is us at Zone Conference: Me, Sister Duchene, Sister Martin, Sister Laude and Sister Calinisan... and some random Elder up at the front.


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