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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Typical Day

No day in the MTC is typical so my title my subject line is a little misleading, but I just wanted you to know what I do all day. So here goes:

All missionaries everywhere are to be up and awake by 6:30. But since we have to be to class by 7:00, we usually wake up closer to 6:00 so we have enough time to get ready. There are 4 sisters to a room, and 11 rooms in a hallway. There are two bathrooms in a hall, but still that's a lot of Sisters with a limited amount of showers so sometimes it's crazy.

We are supposed to be in our class by 7:00. There is no teacher, just us missionaries with our district leader in charge. We have an opening song and prayer (in Tagalog) and start planning as companions for the day. There is some time to fit some studying in before breakfast at 7:45.

All meals at the MTC are great. They make the best food and you can eat as much as you want, so that's great. The cafeteria is also a great place to see all the missionaries that you know. I see my friends from before the mission there a lot and I love that so much! Me and my companion either sit with our district, or with the other sisters in the zone. I love it.

Then every morning we have three hours of class time with a teacher. During that time we teach our "investigators" or have companionship study. We have language instruction and also English parts were we learn how to teach and just be awesome missionaries.

Then the teacher is gone and we are left by ourselves for an hour of Personal Study time. I study The Book of Mormon, Preach My Gospel, or I prepare for lessons I will soon be teaching.

Then what do you know, it's lunch time!

Not every day is the same, but every other day we have gym right after lunch. Not the best timing, but still pretty great. There is a track upstairs for running, and workout machines and stuff. Not my cup of tea. I prefer the lower level where missionaries play volleyball, basketball of four square. I must admit I still have not tried four square, I'll occasionally play volleyball, but the majority of the time you will find me with a basketball in my hand. Me and Sister Latimer will sometimes play in the three-on-three games, but lately we have been playing a lot of knock-out (speed, lightning, bum... it has a lot of names). I actually gotten way good at shooting those free-throws, and all the Elders are afraid to be in front of me because I keep getting everybody out :) It's lots of fun and I've made good friends.

Everyday we have an hour set aside for language study. No teacher. Just us studying it on our own. We also have an hour almost everyday to go to the computer lab and use the language program they have here.

There is some additional study time stuck in here and there between other scheduled things. Again, most of the time there is no teacher.

Before you know it, it’s dinner time. I love chocolate milk. I just thought you should know that. They have it here and I have it probably more than I should :)

In the evening we have another three hours with a different teacher. Class time is separated similarly as in the morning. It's pretty great.

9:30 is when we head back to our residences. Quite times starts at 10:15 and then lights out at 10:30. This time always goes by way too fast!

Okay I know this was not the best description of a day because I gave you the general outline, but there is so much that happens during that time I could not possible have enough time to write it in the super short time I have to write each week.

Highlights of the week include: Preparation Day- our "weekend" kind of. We don't have any classes. Instead we get to walk up the hill to the temple, do laundry, write letters and email and just kinda chill. It's way nice, but goes by too fast.

Every Tuesday night is a devotional. They are always soooo good!

Sundays are a favorite of mine. For Relief Society all the Sisters in the MTC gather and have cool speakers. This week it was Linda Reeves (General Relief Society 2nd Counselor). We have District meeting (like Sunday school), Sacrament meeting. We get to walk to the temple and take pictures and stuff. There is also a fireside every Sunday with awesome speakers. We are so lucky here at the MTC!

Have a Merry Christmas! Remember Jesus, He is the most important part of this great season.

I wish I had more time, but I don't. Love you all!!! Write me please!

Sister Abish "Mahal ko kayo" Curtis


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