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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Listen to Your Cat... I mean heart

So I thought of a funny language mistake that I forgot to include last time. Something that I like to say a lot in English is "Listen to your heart." Back at the beginning of my MTC stay I learned the word for heart: puso. I would often tell people to "listen to your puso."  Well, after a while I accidentally started saying pusa instead of puso. Pusa means cat. Yep. I kept telling people to listen to their cat.

When we first got here we were told that we would be leaving January 21st. But this last week we've heard some rumors that we might be leaving a week early. We don't know for sure. Some days I am pretty sure we are leaving early. Some days I am pretty sure we are not. Today is one of those days I'm pretty confident we are still staying until the 21st. But it has really made us start thinking pretty seriously about how close we are to going to the Philippines. I have gotten pretty used to life here at the MTC, and I feel like leaving to the Philippines is going to be an even bigger life change than just coming to the MTC was. Life is about to get pretty intense.

When we had only been here for about 3-4 weeks (we still felt very new) all the disticts in our zone that were older than us left. We were suddenly supposed to be the old and experienced ones. It was pretty crazy, but it helped us grow up quick. Usually whenever old disticts leave a couple days later they are replaced by a new district. Well, when the old two districts left they were replaced by one small district of five Elders. As Sisters we were pretty sad, because we loved the old Sisters with all our little hearts, and we couldn't wait for more Sisters to come. We have been waiting for a long time. Things have been pretty crazy around here lately as the MTC is preparing for the income of so many new missionaries. The missionaries that come in tomorrow are the first ones that will be effected by the shorter MTC time. And for our incoming Philippino missionaries it doesn't mean that get to leave the MTC three weeks early, it means the day they arrive at the MTC was delayed by three weeks. We thought we were going to get new missionaries a couple weeks ago, but turns out they are not coming till next week. (If we leave early that means we won't even get to meet them!)

 I don't know if you really wanted to know all that... but that was kind of a long intro to explain the next thing that I will say. You see our Zone is pretty small now. And it just so happens that I am the only one that plays piano. The thing is, I don't really play piano all that well. But using my simplified Hymn book I manage to get through all the songs in Sacrament meeting (making plenty of mistakes along the way). But I am grateful. The whole reason I started to learn piano, was so that I could be of use at such a time as this. I hear that in the Philippines there are not a lot of piano players. I wish I was better at piano, but I'm glad I've developed enough skill that it is at least better than singing with no piano at all. The Lord has prepared me for years for this mission.

Like I said earlier, things are getting pretty exciting here at the MTC.  A couple weeks ago they asked all the 18 year old Elders and 19 year old Sisters to stand. At the time there was maybe a dozen of them. We gave them a standing applause (I don't remember if we actually stood, but in my heart I was for sure standing) But now there are more and more of them. Last Wednesday I got to be a Host (meaning I helped the brand new missionaries bring their luggage to their residence, and bring them to class) The three Sisters that I hosted were all 20 years old. I am so excited for them, and for the hastening of the work!!

I know that the church is true and that the message I have for the world is real!!! I see evidence of it everywhere.

Love you all!!!

Sister Abish "I'm a 22 year old missionary and I love it" Curtis

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