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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Monday, February 4, 2013

Rice Harvest Time

This week I got to watch as rice fields were harvested. I am ready to
thrust in my sickle and harvest souls! But I also have to plant the
seeds, nourish the crop and just work hard. And then the harvest will

I wish you all could see the Philippines. No picture I've taken has
done it justice. I don't think even a video would do. Even being here
in real life, seeing it with my own eyes I am not able to take
everything in. I'm so glad I have a year and a half to soak it all up.

There is a lady we pay who comes to our house each week to do our
laundry. But my companion chooses to just wash her clothes on her own.
This last week I missed the day that the laundry lady came, so last
P-Day Sister Calinisan taught me how to wash my own clothes by hand.
We laughed at how bad I was at it. I'm glad we have the Sister who I
can pay to do it for me in the future.

This has been a great week to be a missionary. Lots of ups and downs,
but great nonetheless. The downs come just because I'm new and
still trying to get a hold of things, but I am learning quickly with
Sister Calinisan's help. I love how much she expects from me, because
it is through her confidence in me that I am able to learn and grow.

This week we have been studying about finding people (something we
really need right now) We have been trying to apply the finding
principles found in PMG, especially OYMing (Open Your Mouth). It is hard for me to OYM
because I am still not confident in the language, but as I have put my
faith in God he has helped me become an instrument in His hands. I
have been able to OYM so much more, some with the help of my companion, but some even on my own. I used to only OYM animals, but
now I am gaining the confidence and faith to OYM people too. As we
have prayed and worked hard we have seen miracles We have had people
literally approach us for OYMs. I have truly seen God's hand in this

I have quickly come to love the people here. One powerful experience
we had this week was with a woman named Bett. She is a less active
member who is currently struggling because her husband is very sick
and her mother is dying. We were able to share a message of comfort
and bear testimony that God loves her. After I had shared a story from
the scriptures and related it to our lives, she said she could feel
the Holy Ghost. Preach my Gospel tells us that one of the ways you can
tell if you are a successful missionary is if the Holy Ghost witnesses
the truthfulness of what you say. I am a successful missionary!!!!!!
I am grateful for not only this experience, but that many experiences
I have to fulfill my calling as a missionary.

I still don't understand Tagalog very well. I understand about 10% of
what is being said. But every day or two that percentage goes up by
one. It is a slow process, but I have faith that eventually I will be
able to master this language.

There is a famous celebrity here in the Philippines named Anne Curtis.
Pretty much every day I have people ask me if I know her, if I'm
related to her, if I am her. It's pretty great.

Fun fact about living in the Philippines: We always keep our
toothbrush and toothpaste in the fridge to protect them from bugs.


Sister Abish "Anne" Curtis

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