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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Monday, May 20, 2013

Maybe exactly what I needed

I think there must be many people praying for me, because I have felt incredibly blessed this last week.

Turns out that being a trainer is exactly what I need right now. I am progressing in many ways.
My language is progressing: Many times as a trainee it was just easier to let my companion do the talking. I would try, but as soon as it got too hard my companion would take over. But now I don’t get to take the easy way out. I have to take the lead in so many situations that I didn’t have to before, and I am amazed that I can actually do it. People understand me way more than I thought they did. For sure I’m far from perfect, and I don’t understand them most of the time, but I have seen a huge difference.
My missionary skills are progressing. Going through the twelve week training program is not only helping Sister Ocampo, it is helping me. I feel like I’m learning more from it now than I learned the first time. As we apply the things we learn we are seeing miracles.
My humility is progressing. Before, I would rely a lot on my wiser, more experienced companion. Now, though I still rely on my new companion, I have to rely mostly on the Lord. It is one of the most incredible things. I am able to do more with His help than I was ever able to do on my own.

Here is an experience we had this week. Someone on the Ward Council suggested we go visit Jared, a less active member who was showing some interest in returning to church. My companion and I had never met him, but we had a ward member come with us and introduce us. We had a great lesson with him, and we found out that his non-member wife Shy was interested in learning more. We came back later that week and taught her using all the skills we had been practicing in companion study (How to Begin Teaching, learning to teach Lesson 1, and inviting people to be baptized) Towards the end of the lesson Sister Ocampo to invite Shy to be baptized. And she accepted!!! We were walking on clouds after that lesson. And then you can sure bet that on Sunday we were so excited to see both Shy and Jared at church. God has truly prepared people for us. As we do our part the Lord will take care of the rest.

Also I just want to say how amazing it was to be able to Skype with my family for Mothers day. I love them all so much and it was so good to see their faces and hear their voices. All that I am now I owe to my family. I am so happy for and proud of them all.

Love Sister Abish "Nanay" Curtis


1- I tried to take a picture with this Caribou, but before we could take the picture she ran away. Someday I'll get a better picture where I am closer to it.

2- This is me and my companion and our missionary roommates: Sister Leemew (from the Micronesian island of Yapp, she is also a brand new missionary) and Sister Avencena (Who happens to have the same first name as me. Pretty neat eh?)

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