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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014

First Week of My Last Transfer

Transfer Week! Me and Sister Foukimoana enjoyed our last couple days together. I sure do love her and I will miss her. 

My new companion is.... Sister Baraiti. She is from Kiribati, which I think is part of the Micronesia islands. She has only been here in the Philippines for four months, but she is already pretty good at Tagalog. At luckily so is her English. She is so kind and humble and sweet. But at the same time is funny and has a contagious laugh. We have good days everyday.

She was only baptized less than three years ago. Because of her influence her parents and one sibling were also eventually baptized. And since she has been here on her mission, her remaining 3 siblings were also baptized. It is actually a really cool story, and I in no way did it justice in the telling I just did.  

General Conference!! We got to watch it this weekend. I loved it!! Besides the miracle of me getting to listen to modern day Prophets and Apostles, my investigators also got to experience the miracle. I was worried that none of the people we teach would come because it was at the Stake Center which is farther away. But we had 3 investigators there, one who had walked a good distance to get there. Also we had two less active members come, which is the first time in a while. Amazing!!

Another great thing about this week is all the people I got to see on Transfer Day. All my past companions (who have not gone home yet) were there. And so many of the other good friends I have made here. I am sad that I will not see them again on my mission. But I pray that somehow I will see them again afterwards. 

God is good. 
Mahal ko kayo,

Sister "I'm still the only white girl in my zone" Curtis

1- Batch Picture. This is the first time me and Sister Tupua and Latimer have been together since our first day on the mission.
2-Kabahay picture before the transfer
3- Our last picture together. Goodbye Sister Foukimoana
4-My new companion Sister Baraiti

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