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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Thanksgivi​ng I spent with an Apostle

Thanksgiving morning there was a special morning devotional. We knew a member of the Quorum of the Twelve apostles would be speaking, but we didn't know who. Turns out, it was no other than Elder Jeffery R. Holland. So good!!!! He said that since we weren't with our families, he would adopt us for the day. Pretty cool, especially since his family is so amazing. His grandchildren came. They sang, played piano and bore such strong testimonies. It was increadible. Then we heard from his sweet wife, and then from him. Listening to an apostle of God really has a way of helping you see the big picture. I love it!!

Thanksgiving overall was fun. We had a service project where we put together humanitarian kits. They had a fun little program were one district acted out the first thanksgiving story (I laughed the whole time), we sang songs (including "Around the River and through the Woods), heard some powerful conversion stories and just loved life.

That evening we had yet another MTC wide program. We had no idea what it would be... turns out it was a movie night. They passed out popcorn and we watched 17 Miracles. It is such a good movie about the Willy Handcart Pioneer Company. It was so good!!! Also, I just cried the whole time.

They certainly did a good job of taking care of us. It was a great day, but I also missed my family. I can't wait till we can all have Thanksgiving together again.

So I mentioned last week that I got a new companion: Sister Tuia (pronounced like what's it "to ya"). I seriously love her!!! She is from American Samoa. She is a mix between our wonderful samoan friends from the Blue Mills ward and Adrianna Hill. She is the best. It was weird that since she was brand new, she looked up to me as the experienced one. But I'd only been here for a week, I still felt new!! But she is catching up so quickly on the language and everything else. She inspires me to be better and I love it!

So we went to a workshop this past week, and the woman presenting looked kinda familiar, but I could quite put my finger on it. Guess who it was???? Sister Voyles, the blond sister from the District 2 missionary movies!!!!! Her hair is longer and blonder. She is way skinny now, and she looks much taller in real life. It's a pretty sneaky disguise, but it didn't full me!!! I asked her to confirm that it was really her. Then I said "I LOVE YOU!!!!" as any creepy fan would (she pretty much is a celebrity). She just smiled and said "I love you" back. Oh man I was so excited!!

My roommates/companions found out pretty quick that I talk in my sleep. They have reported me saying things like "Sisters", "Nap" and "Yes". I made it a goal to sleep talk in Tagalog (pretty crazy goal since I have absolutly no control over it). But I did it!!! I said "Opo" which is the respective way of saying yes. (oo the regular way, pronounced "ohoh") Best day ever!!

Last week I mentioned being kind of frustrated with my district. Things didn't really get much better, they got worse. I kept wondering why I was stuck with these people. don’t get me wrong, I really do love them and enjoy being around them, I just felt like they were hindering me. (Not a good attitude I know). I was talking to Sister Hayden, my coordinating Sister (girl version of a zone leader) I was counseling with her about the things that were bothering me. She gave the best advice ever and has really helped resolved some issues. But one of the best things she did was change my perspective. She said she knew the Lord had placed me in this situation at this time so I could be a positive influence (or something like that). With my mission being delayed a year I am always looking for reasons why it happed this way. What special circumstances has the timing put me in? Sister Hayden probably had no idea that that statement would have such an impact on me. My thoughts have changed from self-pity and frustrations, to thoughts on how to improve others. How can I help the people around me learn and grow? How can I be brave and loving in helping them be more obedient? It has made a huge difference in my attitude and over all happiness.

God answers prayers. The church is true!!!

Love you sooooooo much!!!!!!


Sister Abish "Sleep Talk in Tagalog" Curtis

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