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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Saturday, April 13, 2013

First Week of April

It's getting close to the political elections here in the Philippines. I love how they campaign here.  All over the place we see jeeps or trikes covered in pictures of a candidate. They will have loud speakers that blast music. But it's not just regular music. They have changed to words to promote the candidate. They will take popular songs (examples include "Call me Maybe" "Eye of the Tiger" "That's what Makes You Beautiful", other American songs and Philipino songs too) and they will change the words to say things like "If you vote for ___ everyone will benefit" or "_____ is a God fearing and honest man" or "We need _______"  It's all in Tagalog so I don't really understand it, but my companion says it is pretty cheesy. I love it!

We had five investigators at church this week! It was a miracle. I was so happy to see all of them, but the person I was maybe the most excited to see was Gloria. She is not actually an investigator, she is a less active member that we have recently been teaching. She is a cute young mother who has so much faith, I love the lessons we have with her. She came to church with her 3 young children. I was so happy to see other ward members reach out to her and her children. Miracle!

 Our area is not perfect, but when we stay positive we are able to see so many blessings. Me and Sister Calinisan have been blessed as we have found new people to teach this last week. Last, last Monday we had Family Home Evening with an older couple in the Ward. They asked us to invite investigators, and they would invite their grandson. We brought their neighbors, a bunch of children of less active parents. It was such a fun Family Home Evening. And because of it, we are now also teaching the 9 year old grandson. He is super smart and we are preparing him for baptism.

This week as we were walking to a lesson, there was a 16 year old girl walking in the same direction as us. We talked to her as we walked. After a while she quietly asked my companion if I was an Anak Araw (child of the sun) or  Albino. I laughed so hard. Maybe my Tagalog is just so good that it didn't even enter her mind that I was American. That's not very likely. It was probably just because even though I've been her for so long, I'm still pretty white.  Haha, so funny. 

I can't wait to watch General Conference this weekend! I've been more diligently reading the talks from last general conference this week. I've already received several answers to my prayers. I've been encouraged to be better. I've been reminded of my purpose. I can't wait to get a full blast of general conference! I hope you have all already enjoyed it, and that you are different, better people now.

Mahal ko kayo!!!
Ingat po!

Sister Abish "Anak Araw" Curtis

1-My District

2- This is me hanging from a hanging bridge (today is P-day so we got to go on an adventure in our regular clothes)

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