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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hurrah for baptisms! Our 9 year old investigator Gio was baptized and confirmed. Oh what a happy day. His parents aren't members, but he has a strong support from his Grandma who is a solid member of the church. I see a bright future for him: Mission, temple marriage, and a lifetime of joy that comes from knowing, living and loving the gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness.


This week we went to an investigator who is pretty far out of the way. After we finally got to his house we saw that he was sleeping, and none of our "Tao po"s were waking him up. Rather than being discouraged and just making the long walk back, we looked around. We saw a woman washing dishes at a nearby water pump. We OYMed to teach. Her name is Bernadette, and she is the sweetest, smartest 21 year old around. She is super receptive and is really thinking about the things we teach. We went back to teach her again and had another great lesson. We were really hoping she would come to church, but she didn't. That's okay we are not giving up on this precious and prepared soul. I know that Heavenly Father puts people prepared people in our path, we just have to do are part and find them.

This week we were teaching the son of our returning less active (Gloria) about the Plan of Salvation. As usual there were many other children present, including his siblings and neighbors. As we taught about the three kingdoms of glory, we had to stop for a second because everyone was cheering. They just found out that Hell as the rest of the world understands it doesn't really exist. It was really cute. I'm pretty sure that everyone should be that excited when they find out about the Plan of Salvation.


I forgot to mention last week but I am no longer a trainee!! I have officially finished the 12 week training program. Yahoo! That means we have an hour less of study time, and an hour more to proselyte. Usually this would be the time I get a new companion, but our transfer cycle was changed a little in order to adjust to all the new missionaries going into the MTC. But transfers are coming up on May 9 and I'll probably get a new companion then. But for now I'm enjoying having Sister Calinisan for just a little bit longer, as co-seniors now.


Love you all!


Sister "I'm not a trainee" Curtis

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