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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Monday, September 16, 2013

A Fantastic Sunday

Do you remember a couple weeks ago when I said I played the piano at church for Sacrament Meeting? Well, I have actually played for Sacrament Meeting every Sunday since then. As I was playing this week I reflected on these things:
-The whole reason I started learning piano is so I could play Hymns. 
-I dreamed that someday I would be called as a missionary to a far away place and they would need my piano skills. 
-I am living my dream.
-The Lord blesses our righteous desires. 

Sister Sarto and I were asked to be the speakers on Sunday. I talked about why the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is important. I give you as sample of one of the points I made (don't worry, I'll translate it into English for you):
You might have realized, that I am not a Filipino. I am from America. But while I am here in the Philippines I need to follow the laws of the Philippines. But when I go home, the laws of the Philippines will have no power over me.
You might have realized, but we are not from here on Earth. We are from Heaven. But while we are here on Earth we need to follow the laws of the World. But when we return to Heaven, the laws of the World will have no power over us. 
Because we have a loving Heavenly Father he has given us His Priesthood, or power and authority. With this Priesthood the important ordinances that we perform here on earth will be valid in Heaven. Ordinances such as baptism and marriage. 
God has given this Priesthood authority to His children throughout history through His prophets (Adam, Noah, Moses and dozens of other prophets found in the scriptures). God has again called prophets in our time, and given them this important power and authority.  
I testify that the Restoration is important. 

After church we had a beautiful baptismal service. It was the baptism of two 8 year old girls. Their baptisms are not counted on any of the reports that we send in as missionaries (because as 8 year old children of members they fall under the stewardship of the local leadership and not the missionaries), but I still felt like we played a significant part in their baptisms.
Elaine is the daughter of a member who started coming to church again after we visited them. We even taught little Elaine her own lesson to help her understand why baptism is so important.
Jacque is one of the daughters of a recent convert family. A month ago I spoke at the funeral of her 13 year old sister Jasmine. (Though Jasmine came to church, she was never baptized because was afraid of the water. We have taught their family about the work that goes on inside our Temples, and how they can be baptized for Jasmine, and all those who died without the chance to be baptized.) We were there to help celebrate Jacque's 8th birthday and we have also taught her a couple of times to help her understand the covenant that we make at baptism. 
After they were baptized by someone holding the Priesthood authority of God, others with that same authority laid their hands on Jacque's and Elaine's head and confirmed them as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and gave them the gift of the Holy Ghost.
Because the Baptismal service was held right after church there were many people there to witness it, include 3 of our investigators. Happy day!! 

Sister Abish "Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" Curtis

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