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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday everyone!!!!

This morning I was singing all the Primary Songs about birthdays. One of my new favorites is "Have a very Happy Birthday." From it I learned that sharing cake and friendship is what birthdays are all about. Even though I can't share my birthday cake with you, I am still able to share my friendship. I'm so grateful for the friendship that I have with all of you. It's something we can still share worlds apart.

Today I the big old age of 23. I used to think that was so old. But not anymore. I'm successfully convincing myself that I am still young.    I was already 22 when the prophet announced that Sisters could now serve at the age of 19. I was worried that I would be so old compared to everyone else. But so far all my companions have been older than me. How neat is that. 

So far it's been a great birthday. Because of the package of Lynn and Bille, (members from my branch back home) I got to eat my favorite cereal for breakfast this morning.  After we are done emailing, we are going to a zone activity.... at the beach!!!! I haven't seen the ocean my whole mission so far, except on the airplane, so I'm excited. And then tonight we have an awesome Family Home Evening planned with some members here.

One of the pictures I attached below is us in Brother Bogie's motorcycle side cart. (I think I mentioned it a week or two ago.) We call Brother Bogie and his 'gang' the PowerRangers. They are our superheros that show up whenever we need help. Examples:  1) It's getting late and we are waiting by the side of the rode trying to find a jeep or trike to take us home. Right when we are about to give up hope the PowerRangers drive by and take us home.  2) Our investigators used all their money getting to church and they don't have enough money to get home. The with the help of the PowerRangers they get home safe and sound.  3) There are less active members who live far away and we don't know where they live. The PowerRangers not only take us there, but also testify powerfully during the lesson. 

This is one of the neat experiences that happened this week: 
The PowerRangers were taking us to the homes of less active members that we didn't know about. At the first lesson, my companion took the lead and taught a powerful lesson. We taught and testified and they committed to coming to church.
At the next house it was my turn to take the lead. I worried that I wouldn't be able to do as good a job as my companion just did. And I was worried about my still- not-very-good-Tagalog.  As we begun the lesson I began by asking some questions. I guess one of the lessons was an inspired question, but it resulted in tears and the outpouring of the spirit. The young mother cried as she answered my question about what she wanted for her 6 month old daughter when she was grown up. She talked about the huge blessing the gospel has been in her life and how much she wants that for her daughter. Her husband who is not a member was there, and there is no way he could have missed how important this is to his wife. I have high hopes for them.   
I'm so grateful I don't have to teach lessons alone. Not only do I have an amazing companion, and wonderful members backing me up, most importantly I have the Spirit of God to testify of what I teach. It doesn't mater if I am not the most powerful teacher in the world. Because the message I share is the most powerful in the world. I am humbled to be worthy to be a messenger of my Savior Jesus Christ. 

Maligayang Bati!!!!

Sister Abish "23" Curtis

1) I was so happy to find my favorite cereal in my package. Perfect for eating on birthdays. 
2) Service project- It was quiet an adventure for these Elders to move that larger log there for a new and sturdier bridge for a family. 
3) Drinking coconut milk straight from a coconut
4) Brother Bogie's side cart and the PowerRangers (my favorite way to travel)
5) Just a regular day
6) Zone picture
7) One night we taught a lesson by lamp light (as in an oil lamp)

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