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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Monday, September 2, 2013

Merry Christmas!​!!!

The Philippines has the longest Christmas season that I have ever heard of. All the months that end in "ber" (September, October, November, and December) are considered the Christmas months. People are already setting up their Christmas decorations and playing Christmas songs. So a very Merry Christmas to you all!

Something else great about the Philippines is that there are fireflies here! Last night as me and my companion were walking home from our last appointment we stopped for a minute to chase some. Have you ever tried catching fireflies before? It's like this: they don't constantly shine their light. They blink on and off. While their light is on you move towards them as fast as you can. But when they turn their light off, your just kinda lost, moving in the direction you last saw it and searching in the darkness for the next clue. You can't see the firefly, but you know it's there. 
Sometimes life is like trying to catch fireflies. There is not a constant light always showing us exactly where to go. But we have move fast when we do see the light. And then when there is no light, we still have to move forward searching for the next clue. Sometimes it may seem like we can't see God or his direction in our life, but I testify that he is always there. We just have to move forward and faith. Don't give up, or you'll never be able to catch the fireflies in your life. 

One of the many great things about being a missionary is having the time set aside everyday for studying the scriptures. Right now me and my companion are spending a part of our companion study everyday to read the New Testament. And it just so happens that in my personal study I am ready in the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi, which is when the resurrected Jesus comes to the people in ancient America, and all the events that surround His coming. It has been neat to read the two testimonies of our Savior, and the things that were happening in two different continents, but at the same time. I testify of the reality of our Redeemer, even Jesus Christ. Not only did He live, but He continues to live. He died for us, and he also lives for us. He loves me. I love Him. True story. 

Let your actions reflect your love for your Savior.  

Sister Abish "Firefly catcher" Curtis

Philippines Angeles Mission
F. Tanedo St, Brngy San Nicolas
Tarlac City, Tarlac 2300

p.s. I had some great pictures to send you, but this computer isn't letting me attach them. Next week na lang. 

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