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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Friday, October 4, 2013

Ahh, I just love life!!

Happy Family Week!!!!
Here in the Philippines the last week in September is Family week. All the branches in our District (Bongabon) got together and had a celebration on Saturday. Me and my companion got to hold the banner for the parade, and then we helped with the games and activities. So fun! I love getting to meet so many of the members. Ahh, I just love life!!

An update on Anna Rose and Rhea:
The Young Women in our Branch were in charge of putting on a presentation for the Family Week Celebration. Anna Rose came to the practices and is developing friendships. Yeah! She is still excited for her baptize. Her and Rhea have been to church four times in a row now. Yeah!!
Rhea. A highlight of the week was when she told us that she had received an answer to her prayers. Little Rhea has been coming to church and reading in the Book of Mormon. We reviewed with her how the Holy Ghost testifies of truth. This last week she told us of the warm feeling she had in her chest when she had as she prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I was so happy I wanted to cry. It made me think of the account given in the Book of Mormon when Jesus visited the people in America after His Resurrection. After they had been baptized they were able to receive the Holy Ghost. Jesus prayed to the Father thanking Him as follows: "Father, I thank thee that thou hast given the Holy Ghost unto these whom I have chosen; and it is because of their belief in me that I have chosen them out of the world" (3 Nephi 19:20) I am so grateful that God sends the Holy Ghost to testify of truth to those that we teach, because of their belief. Ahh, I just love life!!

I am jealous of all of you who get to watch General Conference this weekend. (I have to wait until Oct. 12-13) I know it will be fantastic. We are so lucky to have living Prophets and Apostles who continue to testify of Christ and teach us of Him. 
Be prepared. Before conference starts right down a question or more that you want answered, and I know that as you listen to the talks and the spirit, you will receive an answer. Ahh, I just love life!!

Last P-Day we went to the beach again. So much fun. I made a sand temple. My new favorite thing to do is drawing pictures in the sand. See attachments below. Ahh, I just love life!!


Sister "Ahh, I just love life!!" Curtis


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