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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Restoratio​n...of Electricit​y

Last night we were teaching our last appointment of the night when the member who was working with us got a text that power had come back on where we live. We finished our fire lamp lesson (still no power where we were teaching) and quickly returned to our apartment 

We turned all the switches on in our apartment and rejoiced as we were engulfed in the light. I turned on and off all the water faucets, happy that they worked again. After we did a little celebrating, I didn't know what to do next. I had gotten used to life without electricity and was already starting to miss my candle light. Then Sister Sarto had the best idea ever. General Conference!! We still hadn't able to watch most of it, but now with the electricity back we were able to the sessions that I had downloaded on my memory card. This is why we need electricity, to listen to the words of prophets. I may or may not have cried a little bit as we listened to conference, it was just the sweetest sound ever. Having to wait extra long to listen to it made it even better. 

So if  the electricity just came back on yesterday, it means that we haven't had electricity this whole past week. Making 9 days total of no electricity. Let me tell you a little about it. 

It didn't really effect most of our day time work. We still taught lessons and talked to people about the church that God restored through modern day prophets. But at night we got to teach lessons by candlelight. Sometimes we would go to people's houses at 7 or 8, but they would already be sleeping. With no street lights or anything it wasn't super safe for us to be out anyways so sometimes we had to come home a little earlier. 

Have you noticed the moon lately. It was been full and bright. I bet we noticed and appreciated it more than you. 

On Thursday morning our apartment owner came and fixed our pump. Yes, we have had a water pump this whole time, it has just been dry. We tried to get it back to life. The Elders tried too. But it wasn't until Thursday morning that we found the trick. Having water much closer has made life much easier. The pump goes dry again after a couple hours of no use. I feel so cool every time I have to bring it back to life, and I always be sure that the first thing I do is fill the water bottle back up so we can use it to revive the pump next time. 

Having no power didn't stop Anna Rose from being baptized this Saturday. It just meant that the water was tap temperature (Haha, that's a joke because even we have power all the water is always tap temperature.) It was a beautiful baptize. Me and Sister Sarto carefully planned the program and we got a decent number of people to come, including Anna Rose's non-member Mom. For the musical number me and Sister Sarto sang while she played guitar. Yes we are legit. But the best part of the program was the baptism itself. I love watching people make their first covenant with God. And the next day was equally as sweet when during Sacrament meeting at church Anna Rose was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and received the Holy Ghost.

One other thing that I love: We have a new 10 year old investigator who we call Tin-tin. She came to the baptism on Saturday. I had told another primary girl in our branch that she would be coming to church and that they should be friends. On Sunday I saw them skipping down the hall together with arms linked. It made my missionary heart so happy.

Come what may and love it.
Pray for the Missionaries in your area by name. Ask for the names of their investigators and pray for them too.

Sister "I love General Conference, and baptisms and candle light and Jesus" Curtis

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