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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014


These are some people I want to tell you about:

-Sister Marita: We met her because we are always teaching her neighbors and family. She has a husband and four young kids. She has been to church twice now and she loves it more than her old church. Her three-year-old daughter has some sort of soars on her legs and so she hasn't learned how to walk yet. But ever since we started teaching them, her legs have been improving. Sister Marita loves the Book of Mormon and sleeps with it close to her. She prays with her children every night.  She is coming to the Relief Society activity on Saturday. If all continues to go well, she will covenant with God through baptism on March 8th. We love her.
-Sister Lucilia: She is a 85 year old woman who is too old and weak to leave her house. Her husband died 20 years ago and she still loves and misses him. She loves when we come and teach her, and she believes everything. She asks us to pray that she will have strength to go to church. She says she will never forget us. I will never forget her. I am excited for our reunion in Heaven. 
-Abish: a young woman who lives in my ward. We have the same name.
-Sister Esirom: One of the missionaries that lives in our apartment with us. She was only baptized two years ago. She is from Guam, from the same ward that my family used to live in 10 years ago. She doesn't remember me personally, but she remembers when my family would give her and her cousins rides to church. I love it. She is also my "granddaughter" in the mission (I trained Sister Ocampo, who then trained Sister Esirom) I just love her with all my heart.
-Sister Merwal: The other missionary that lives in our apartment. She is from here in the Philippines and I also love her with all my heart. She always makes me laugh. I love her story of how she came back to church after being less active for several years. (She prayed that the missionaries would come talk to her, but then when they finally would come to her house she would always hide or run from them. But occasionally they would catch her and eventually she ran out of reasons to not come to church. At first when she came to church she didn't have anyone there to welcome her. She would just sit by herself. Every week she would say to herself that she would not come back next week. But the next Sunday she would somehow end up getting dressed and going to church. She decided to test the promise of the Prophet that if she made Institute a priority she would make friends and learn more about the gospel. Of course it happened. Her testimony became solid, and it was the start of her becoming close to all the members in her ward. True church.)
-Sister Foukimoana: My companion. She loves mangos. A lot. I love her. A lot. 
-Jesus Christ: He is the whole reason I am here in the Philippines, thousands of miles away from my family. He is the reason I have purpose in this life. He is the reason I have hope for the next life. He is the reason for who I am. I love Him.
Sister Abish "Happy late Valentines Day" Curtis

1- It is common to see 3-4 people on one motorcycle. In this case it is a family.
2- Declaring the gospel to every creature
3 & 4- Marita and her daughter
5- One time when we taught we would teach a lesson, when instead they invited us to eat spaghetti and pancit at their birthday party.
6- Nanay Lucilia who I will remember for the rest of my life. 
-Getting ready to BBQ Filipino style. (This is what we did on Valentines night)
-The bamboo bridge that we were slightly afraid would break with our whole district standing on it. (this is on our way back from a service project)
-Proselyting in a cemetery. The work was pretty dead there.
-Me and Sister Esirom
-Me and Sister Merwal
-My companion loves loves mangos!

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