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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Something else great about Sister Foukimoana is that she is a fantastic singer (as most Polynesians are). We always sing at the beginning of our lessons it invites the spirit in a powerful way. Her beautiful voice harmonizes with my regular voice and we sound so good. Just saying :)

This week me and Sister Foukimoana were walking near one of the fields in our area (there are not very many) We saw an old man and woman planting by hand in their small field. We stopped to talk to them and watched as the tatay plowed the field with his caribou. We ended up helping them plant their eggplants for about 20 minutes. We were not dressed for such a task. Did that stop us? Nope. Did we love it? Yes! Did we set and appointment to teach Nanay and Tatay about the gospel? ...actually no. We tried to, but they are very busy. But I know we touched their hearts. And we are here to serve everybody, whether or not they accept our message. 

I want to tell you about Mila. She works for some members at a little restaurant. She has been super impressed with the members she knows. She has met a lot of missionaries, but I guess me and my companion are the first ones to be inspired to teach her. The spirit was so strong in the first lesson we had. She literally glowed. She told us how she has been inspired and uplifted by the example of her boss. We promised that as she accepted our message she would someday be that light to others. She cried as she told us about her desires to go to church with her husband and son (her husband is actually a member, he has just gone very far off tract) I felt inspired to tell her the day would come that they would come to church as a family. (I hope and pray that God will justify my words). She believes everything we teach her.   The next time we went to teach her, she had friends over and she invited her friends to listen to our message with her. It was a super good lesson. After we taught about the Book of Mormon and gave her a copy, she hugged it to her chest as she thanked us for it. When her friends had left, we reminded her of the promise we made that she would be and example to others. She just glowed when we pointed out that that promise had in part already been fulfilled. 

I just love life. Missionary life isn't perfect. It isn't always fun. A lot of times it is hard. But I love it. 

Sister Abish "Is it really already February??" Curtis 

1. Me planting eggplants
2. Nanay Lorita that I talked about last week (And our ward missionary Joana)
3-5 Pictures from the top of the mount where we had our personal and companionship study this P-day morning.
6. Amazing ward members. 

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