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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

Just a Short One

-I found out last week that someone that I taught in my first area was finally baptized. I was so happy. Also, this last weekend three people that I taught and loved from Kalikid were baptized. I feel so blessed to have been able to help them prepare for their special day. 
-I taught more lessons this week than any other week of my mission: 51. Crazy no? Me and Sister Foukimoana are rockin' this city.

-Last week we took an old woman on a church tour. This week we were asking her about it, and she doesn't remember it happening. After the lesson she asked us to take her on a church tour.  So we took her on another one. Hope it's the last time... 
-My Tongan companion tried to teach me how to hula dance. I'm defiantly just a white girl, it was a nice try. 
-I had to go to Cabanatuan to sign some papers for my Visa or something. I was there the same time they had the trainers/training meeting so I got to see Sister de Guzman and meet my "granddaughter" Sister Carter. The four hour round trip was totally worth it because of the 5-10 minutes that I got to talk to them. 

Sorry I'm short on time and things to say.
I love you all.
I love my mission.
I love God.  

Sister Abish "No middle name" Curtis

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