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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to eat a just don't.

Sister Foukimoana told me I don't just talk in my sleep, but I also teach entire 10 minute lessons in my sleep. She was still half asleep when she testified what I was teaching was true, and then she remembered we were not really in a lesson.
We had some pretty awesome service projects this week. On one day we harvested onions by hand. It made me cry. Another day we helped someone move a big pile a rocks. I know that doesn't sound fun, but it actually was. 
Sometimes in the Philippines people eat dogs. It is definitely not an everyday thing, but it does happen sometimes. I ran into this week for the first time of my mission. The next door neighbors of our investigators were eating it. My companion asked for some and ate it. They also eat dogs in Tonga so it was no big deal for her. But for me... I completely refused. I don't think it would taste that bad; I just can't endure the thought of eating dog.   My companion had us take pictures with the head (see below).
A handful of young woman/ young single adults worked with me and my companion yesterday. I went with half of them and she went with the other half. I am so impressed with the youth here. I am excited for the future of the church in the Philippines. 
You know, missions are pretty amazing. Not because every day is amazing, but because you learn amazing things from all the different experiences, both good and bad experiences. Missions are hard. But that’s what makes it worth it. One of the missionaries we are living with is brand new. At times it is pretty rough for her, as it was for everyone (myself included). I don't know if there is anyone who doesn’t struggle at the beginning of their mission. But it gets better. Before she knows it, it will be near the end of her mission and she will wish she still had more time. 
I know the message we teach is true. I know God loves us. I know we need to know the truth about God and how to return to him. God reveals that knowledge to us through prophets; men who have authority from God to teach. After the death of Jesus Christ and his apostles, this authority was lost. But God has again called a prophet to teach and establish His church. Because there is a prophet in our day, our knowledge of God and His plan for us is complete. If you want to know more about it… ask the missionaries they can help.
Sister Curtis “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”  

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