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Sister Abish Curtis

November 2012- May 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014


We had transfer announcements this week and.......... nothing happened!!! Me and Sister Foukimoana will be staying together again. We are going to rock San Jose city to pieces because we are just that awesome. Fun fact: I  have never been with a companion for only one transfer. Always two. 
But one of the Sisters we lived with got transferred, and now we have a brand new missionary living with us. Sister Ofahulu from New Zeland. She is Tongan and her and my companion are so crazy together its funny. Sister Ofahulu was so convinced that she new me from the pre-mortal existence, but then she was looking through my pictures and realized that she had read part of my blog before her mission. Even if we weren't friends before this life, we sure are good friends now.     
We went to two birthday parties these week. And many dinner appointments. If it weren't for Fast Sunday I might have gained a lot of weight. Just kidding. 
My companion was pretty sick this week so we didn't get to go out for the full day of work for a couple days. But we still did amazing things in the time that we did go out.
It's always a bummer when you find out your golden investigators are married yet to their live in partners. That happened this week. 
Two of my favorite testimonies that were borne this last week at church came from two primary aged boys. They were super simple, but super powerful. 
I know when things are hard and we can't do it on our own, God will help us. 
I know we need God. 
Mahal ko po kayo,
Sister Abish "Almost all grown up" Curtis

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